Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Question and Answer Session

Ken Craig the author of the book, "The Big Picture of the Bible" will share with us, in a one day workshop,  material that he has presented to churches across America and in Europe, Africa and Asia.   Brother Craig will help prepare our minds for this task with his lesson on Friday evening.  The focus of this program is Saturday.  Saturday morning's session will emphasize the content of the Bible's message of redemption.  On Saturday afternoon Ken will demonstrate practical ways for Christians to present the message of redemption to others.

Friday - June 7th  - 7:30 PM - Introductory lesson "A Biblical Approach to Evangelism"
Saturday - June 8th 
9:30 AM - Noon  -  "The Big Picture of the Bible"
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM -  "Presenting the Big Picture of the Bible to Lost Souls"
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